Rubin Carter Steps Down as Regional Coordinator

Rubin Carter (NE) stepped down as Regional Coordinator on Jan 1, 2020. He was the Regional Coordinator since 2003. During that time he served as President and Vice President of the Nebraska Association. He was also on the USATF National Youth Board as an At-Large Delegate.

No replacement has been named.

2020 Junior Olympic Nationals Cancelled

Indianapolis – The 2020 USATF Hershey National Junior Olympics Track & Field Championships to be held in Jacksonville, Florida July 27-August 2 have been cancelled, USATF announced today.

Due to COVID-19 concerns, the University of North Florida and its local health authorities have closed its campus through at least July 30. USATF, in conjunction with the youth committee, is exploring possible alternate contingencies for the Junior Olympic athletes once the crisis allows track facilities to open.

The fate of the USATF Youth Outdoor Championships to be held in Miramar, Florida will be determined no later than April 30. The event is scheduled for June 23-28.

For up-to-date information on COVID-19 gathered by USATF’s Working Group, visit

Region 8 committee will release a statement later tonight about future plans.

2020 Association Track Dates & Locations

2020 Association & Region Meet Dates/Locations:

Dakotas: 6/12-13 – South HS, Fargo

Iowa: 6/20-21 – Iowa State University, Ames

Minnesota: 6/11-14 – Lakeville South HS, Lakeville

Nebraska: 6/18-21 – Omaha Burke HS, Omaha

Wisconsin: 6/11-14 – Carroll College, Waukesha

Regional Championships:
Nebraska: 7/8-12: Omaha Burke HS, Omaha

Association Cross Country Championship Locations & Dates

Dakotas: 11/2 @ Iwen Park, Fargo, ND

Iowa: 11/3 @ Valley Southwoods, West Des Moines (…/USATF-IA-ASSOC-XC-Meet-Registra…)

Minnesota: 11/17 @ Lake Elmo Park Reserve (

Nebraska: 11/3 @ Walnut Grove Park, Omaha (

Wisconsin: 11/3 @ Yahara Hills Golf Course (…/USATF-Region-16-Cross-Coun…)

National Championships: 12/14 @ Yahara Hills Golf Course, Madison, WI

USATF National Results

Justin FoltonOlympus Track Club11-12 200M Dash1st Place24.52/25.18/24.742
Sophia ScottCornhusker Flyers11-12 Javelin Throw1st Place36.53m/119′ 1″NATIONAL RECORD
Carson McInerneyTri-State Track and Field11-12 Sdiscus Throw1st Place35.62m/116′ 10″
Kyla SalehUnattached13-14 High Jump1st Place1.65m/5′ 5″
Berlyn SchultzLincoln Youth Track15-16 2000M Steeplechase1st Place7:06.24
Shaina ZinterUnattached15-16 Heptathlon1st Place4261 points
Justin FoltonOlympus Track Club11-12 100M Dash2nd Place12.37/12.42/12.05
Kenyan CottonBellevue Breeze11-12 200M Dash2nd Place24.94/24.90/24.747
Jaden MerrickIowa Speed11-12 3000M Run2nd Place9:56.66
J Anderson, J Fulton,
L Fye, J Anderson
Olympus Track Club11-12 4x100M Relay2nd Place49.03/48.74
Kate CamposLincoln Community TC13-14 100M Hurdles2nd Place14.92/14.64/14.49
J’Dyn BullionBoys & Girls of Midlands13-14 Discus Throw2nd Place49.15m/161′ 3″
Katharine BeachlerCornhusker Flyers13-14 Javelin Throw2nd Place34.31m/112′ 6″
Berlyn SchultzLincoln Community TC15-16 1500M Run2nd Place4:41.40/4:37.04
Lauren HarrisWings of Omaha15-16 400M Dash2nd Place56.40/55.20
K Brye, A king, D Coles, D JacksonBoys & Girls of Midlands15-16 4x100M Relay2nd Place42.71/43.01
Lauren HarrisWings of Omaha15-16 High Jump2nd Place1.65m/5′ 5″
Cierara MarksNorth Omaha Bengals TC15-16 triple Jump2nd Place11.60m/38′ 0.75″
Shalica JonesTrack Minnesota Elite17-18 100M Dash2nd Place12.26/12.01/12.00
Eliana AkoughCornhusker Flyers17-18 Discus Throw2nd Place45.89m/150′ 6″
Tyler BrownLincoln Youth Track17-18 Discus Throw2nd Place54.93m/180′ 2″
Raegan BurrowsI-Run8U Turbo Javelin2nd Place18.10m/59′ 4″
Chase McNaughtonUnattached9-10 High Jump2nd Place1.30m/
Bryan Bradley jrBoys & Girls of Midlands9-10 Shot Put2nd Place9.26m/30′ 4.75″
Devon JacksonBoys & Girls of Midlands15-16 200M Dash3rd Place23.21/21.82/21.90
Daniel RomaryOlympus Track Club15-16 800M Run3rd Place1:57.97/1:55.46
Charis LawsonFleigle’s Flyers15-16 Pole Vault3rd Place3.75m/12′ 3.50″
Elizabeth SchaeferUnattached17-18 Heptathlon3rd Place4701
Noah CvetnicPark Flyers Track & Field17-18 High jump3rd Place2.00m/6′ 6.75″
Wyatt SchmalePark Flyers Track & Field8U Long Jump3rd Place3.71m/12′ 2.25″
Justin AndersonOlympus Track Club11-12 100M Dash4th Place12.74/12.61/12.24
Robert MechuraUnattached11-12 3000M Run4th Place10:14.13
Reagan HanfeltAnkemy Track & Field11-12 High Jump4th Place1.40m/4′ 7.0″
Nathan NelsonFleigle’s Flyers13-14 Pole vault4th Place3.50m/11′ 5.75″
Kendyl HahlenPolebender’s vault Club13-14 Pole Vault4th Place3.40m/11′ 1.75″
Mckenna HerrmannBPxC2 Track Club17-18 1500M Run4th Place4:47.50/4:48.15
Madison HaupertUnattached17-18 Long Jump4th Place4.50m/14′ 9.25″
Michael DempsBoys & Girls of Midlands8U Long Jump4th Place3.59m/11′ 9.50″
Quinlan AndrewsEast Ridge Athletic Assoc11-12 3000M Run5th Place10:16.40
J’Dyn BullionNorth Omaha Bengals TC13-14 Shot Put5th Place14.51m/47′ 7.25″
Berlyn SchultzLincoln Community TC15-15 3000M Run5th Place10:28.10
Shaina ZinterUnattached15-16 400 Hurdles5th Place1:02.82/1:02.85
Lauren HarrisWings of Omaha15-16 800M Run5th Place2:15.86/2:16.37
Nic DavisUnattached15-16 Javelin Throw5th Place51.28m/168′ 3″
Jarod WhiteFleigle’s Flyers15-16 Pole Vault5th Place4.40m/14′ 5.25″
LeeAaron BerksBoys & Girls of Midlands17-18 800M Run5th Place1:56.15/1:56.73
Eve GoldsteinUnattached17-18 Discus Throw5th Place43.06m/141′ 3″
Jaden MerrickIowa Speed11-12 1500M run6th Place4:46.88
Carson McInerneyTri-State Track and Field11-12 Shot Put6th Place12.36m/40′ 6.75″
Carter MaffetUnattached13-14 100M Hurdles6th Place14.84/14.21/14.36
Monte GillmanZero Gravity13-14 Pole Vault6th Place3.20m/10′ 6″
Kyra KusnierekREAL Track and Field15-16 2000M Steeplechase6th Place7:39.81
Dajaz DefransBoys & Girls of Midlands15-16 200M Dash6th Place24.96/24.52/24.85
Aria JamisonBPxC2 Track Club15-16 Race walk6th Place20:25.36
Keyshawn PettisBoys & Girls of Midlands15-16 Shot Put6th Place15.03m/49′ 3.75″
Nisa ThomasApollo Track Club17-18 100M Hurdles6th Place14.56/14.35/14.59
Michaela HjelsethTeam NoDak Youth17-18 Javelin Throw6th Place38.02m/124′ 9″
Evan LillieHigh Voltage9-10 1500M Run6th Place5:04.18
Preston StenslandIowa Flyers Track Club11-12 800M Run7th Place2:20.31/2:29.16
Isaac AckermanBoys & Girls of Midlands11-12 Discus Throw7th Place29.82m/97′ 10″
Hayden BillsUnattached13-14 Discus throw7th Place41.87m/137′ 4″
Kash BatesLincoln Youth track13-14 Javelin Throw7th Place42.81m/140′ 5″
Dajaz DefrandBoys & Girls of Midlands15-16 100M Dash7th Place12.27/12.12
Samuel AmusanUnattached17-18 200 M Dash7th Place21.81/21.89/21.92
Eve GoldsteinUnattached17-18 Hammer Throw7th Place44.64m/146′ 5″
Eve GoldsteinUnattached17-18 Shot Put7th Place13.16m/43′ 2.25″
Malea RobinsonNorth Omaha Bengals TC9-10 400M Dahs7th Place1:04.34/1:04.57
Evan LillieHigh Voltage9-10 800M Run7th Place2:27.50/2:32.78
Madison GroverI-Run9-10 High Jump7th Place1.15m/3′ 9.25″
Trey KnokeTeam NoDak Youth11-12 High Jump8th Place1.45m/4′ 9.0″
Bethany MillerMinnesota Speed17-18 3000M Run8th Place11:31.65
Nisa ThomasApollo Track Club17-18 400 M Hurdles8th Place1:03.10/103.33
Jaylen LloydBoys & Girls of Midlands13-14 Long Jump9th Place5.75m/18′ 10.50″
Reece GrosserodeLincoln Community TC13-14 Triple Jump9th Place11.82m/38′ 9.50″
Allison DaughertyUnattached13-14 Triple Jump9th Place10.56m/34′ 7.75″
Cassia CadyZero Gravity15-16 Long Jump9th Place5.06m/16′ 7.25″
Jacob HydeUnattached17-18 200M Dash9th Place21.64/21.89
Christian DavisEagles Wings17-18 Long Jump9th Place6.67m/21′ 10.75″
Tyler BrownLincoln Youth Track Club17-18 Shot Put9th Place15.97m/52′ 4.75″
Carmello McAfeeOlympus Track Club8U 200M Dash9th Place30.29/30.79
Malea RobinsonNorth Omaha Bengals TC9-10 200M Dash9th Place28.76/28.61
N Brye, T Whittingham,
I Briggs, J Patillo
Boys & Girls of Midlands11-12 4x400M Relay10th Place4:20.09
Ethan Vander MeerUnattached13-14 1500M Run10th Place4:24.21/4:27.24
Aiden JohnsonTeam NoDak Youth13-14 3000M Run10th Place9:43.35
Elle HeckenlivelyCornhusker Flyers13-14 Shot Put10th Place11.93m/39′ 1.75″
Jaylen LloydBoys & Girls of Midlands13-14 Triple Jump10th Place11.81m/38′ 9.00″
Aleah MillerUnattached15-16 1500M Run10th Place4:53.57/4:50.95
Nic DavisUnattached15-16 Shot Put10th Place14.48m/47′ 6.25″
Keenan YoungUnattached17-18 400M hurdles10th Place55.23
Gabby Bullardiowa speed17-18 Javelin Throw10th Place34.27m/112′ 5″
Carmello McAfeeOlympus Track Club8U 100M Dash10th Place14.22/14.77
Neryah HehlBoys & Girls of Midlands13-14 100M Dash11th Place12.42/12.64
Neryah HehlBoys & Girls of Midlands13-14 200M Dash11th Place25.67/25.83
Caleb RoperApollo Track Club13-14 Long Jump11th Place5.65m/18′ 3″
Kash BatesLincoln Youth Track Club13-14 Pentathlon11th Place2197 pts
Laubenra BenMinnesota Sprint Factory15-16 400M Dash11th Place57.81
Cierara MarksNorth Omaha Bengals TC15-16 High Jump11th Place1.55m/5′ 1″
Sophie NilssonREAL Track and Field15-16 Long Jump11th Place4.99m/16′ 6.50″
Wyatt CollinghamUnattached15-16 Pole vault11th Place3.95m/12′ 11.50″
Taynian WalgraveMinnesota Speed17-18 100M Hurdles11th Place15.12/14.62
Jacob HydeUnattached17-18 400M Dash11th Place49.40
Jaylen Struck-SchmitzBPxC2 Track Club17-18 400M hurdles11th Place1:03.73
E Clark, A George,
S Diedrich, G Jackson
Park Flyers Track & Field17-18 4x100M Relay11th Place41.84
Tyler Brownlincoln Youth Track17-18 javelin Throw11th Place49.43m/162′ 2″
Christian DavisEagles Wings17-18 Triple Jump11th Place13.80m/45′ 3.50″
X Adams, A Jackson,
A Jackson, C McAfee
Olympus Track Club8U 4x100M relay11th Place1:01.81
Madison GroverI-Run9-10 Triathlon11th Place752 Points
Isaac AckermanBoys & Girls of Midlands11-12 Javelin Throw12th Place30.49m/100′ 0″
Trey KnokeTeam NoDak Youth11-12 Pentathlon12th Place1727 Points
Morgan CollinghamUnattached13-14 Pole vault12th Place2.90m/9′ 6″
Laubenra BenMinnesota Sprint Factory15-16 200M Dash12th Place24.89/25.17
Kevionte BryeBoys & Girls of Midlands15-16 Long Jump12th Place6.18m/20′ 3.50″
Eliana AkoughCornhusker Flyers17-18 Shot Put12th Place12.00m/39′ 4.50″
Nelson PerrigoDCG Track Club9-10 1500M Run12th Place5:13.63
Tra’Sean GuilloryBoys & Girls of Midlands9-10 Long Jump12th Place3.94m/12′ 11.25″
Rianne PollockBoys & Girls of Midlands9-10 Shot Put12th Place6.54m/21′ 5.50″
Chase McNaughtonUnattached9-10 Triathlon12th Place468 Points
Jordan AndersonOlympus Track Club11-12 200M Dash13th Place25.98
Zakeirah JohnsonApollo Track Club13-14 100M Dash13th Place12.33/12.66
Keira FaxUnattached13-14 Shot Put13th Place11.74m/38′ 6.25″
Samuel AmusanUnattached17-18 100M Dash13th Place10.87/11.12
Joshua ThomsenI Am Elite Track & Field17-18 400M hurdles13th Place55.81
Hawkin PetronZero Gravity17-18 Pole Vault13th Place4.40m/14′ 5.25″
N Brye, J Patillo,
T Whittington, A Trevarrow
Boys & Girls of Midlands11-12 4x100M Relay14th Place53.23
Nina ThomasEagles Wings11-12 Shot Put14th Place9.86m/32′ 4.25″
Kate CamposLincoln Community TC13-14 200M Hurdles14th Place28.89
Tad DimmittUnattached13-14 Shot Put14th Place12.52m/41′ 1″
Nic DavisUnattached15-16 Hammer Throw14th Place41.61m/136′ 6″
Isaiah StennisBoys & Girls of Midlands15-16 Javelin Throw14th Place43.27m/141′ 11″
Anthony LigginsBoys & Girls of Midlands11-12 Shot Put15th Place4.64m/15′ 2.75″
Jaelyn MillerUnattached13-14 1500M Run15th Place5:01.20
Ethan Vander MeerUnattached13-14 3000M Run15th Place9:55.78
Tad DimmittUnattached13-14 Discus Throw15th Place36.74m/120′ 6″
Anna LervickPark Flyers Track & Field13-14 High Jump15th Place1.50m/4′ 11″
Elaine WangWestside Track Club15-16 Javelin Throw15th Place31.50m/103′ 4″
Isaiah WinstonBoys & Girls of Midlands17-18 110M Hurdles15th Place14.47/14.70
Brita BirkelandUnattached17-18 800 M Run15th Place2:21.22
Shalie Bucholz-LippFleigle’s Flyers17-18 Pole vault15th Place3.40m/11′ 1.75″
Michael DempsBoys & Girls of Midlands8U 400M Dash 15th Place1:14.29
Jaiya PatilloBoys & Girls of Midlands11-12 400M Dash16th Place1:01.94
Caleb RoperApollo Track Club13-14 200M Dash16th Place23.83/23.96
Elle HeckenlivelyCornhusker Flyers13-14 Javelin Throw16th Place32.44m/106′ 5″
Keyshawn PettisBoys & Girls of Midlands15-16 Discus Throws16th Place40.97m/134′ 5″
Nayeli WilliamsEagles Wings15-16 Long Jump16th Place4.97m/16′ 3.75″
Sawyer SedilMinnesota Sprint Factory15-16 Long Jump16th Place5.98m/19′ 7.50″
Mckenna HerrmannBPxC2 Track Club17-18 800 M Run16th Place2:21.37
Ethan HintermeisterFleigle’s Flyers17-18 Pole vault16th Place4.25m/13′ 11.25″
Emma StanleyIowa Flyers Track Club9-10 Turbo Javelin16th Place19.83m/65′ 0″
Sophia ScottCornhusker Flyers11-12 Discus Throw17th Place19.93m/65′ 4″
Isaac AckermanBoys & Girls of Midlands11-12 Shot Put17th Place10.70m/35′ 1.25″
Zakeirah JohnsonApollo Track Club13-14 200M Dash17th Place26.15/26.07
Shawna WilkinsonOlympus Track Club15-16 400M Dash17th Place59.20
DeShawn WoodsBoys & Girls of Midlands15-16 Discus Throws17th Place40.25m/132′ 0″
Sophie NilssonREAL Track and Field15-16 Triple Jump17th Place10.50m/34′ 5.50″
Cora AndersenUnattached17-18 400M hurdles17th Place1:06.09
Eliana AkoughCornhuskers Flyers17-18 Hammer Throw17th Place37.42m/122′ 9″
Z Crockett, D Rogers-Gosier,
J Hadley, A Brown
North Omaha Bengals TC8U 4x100M Relay17th Place1:05.91
Alexandria HillEagles Wings9-10 400M Dash17th Place1:06.66
Re’Aire WashingtonNorth Omaha Bengals TC9-10 200M Dash18st Place28.92/29.21
Holly McNaughtonUnattached11-12 Pentahlon18th Place1521 Points
Monte GillmanZero Gravity13-14 100M Dash18th Place11.91/12.01
Caleb RoperApollo Track Club13-14 400M Dash18th Place54.43
Sydney DorvilUnattached13-14 Triple Jump18th Place10.08m/33′ 1″
Carter EricksonI-Run15-16 110M Hurdles18th Place15.75/15.54
Tyler WilsonCornhuskers Flyers15-16 Hammer Throw18th Place38.17m/125′ 2″
Katie PetersenUnattached17-18 100M Hurdles18th Place14.76/14.88
Nelson PerrigoDCG Track Club9-10 800M Run18th Place2:38.77
T Pittman, M Coleman,
D Mendoza Johnson, J Leuty
Olympus Track Club13-14 4x100M Relay19th Place49.50
Regan RekerMinnesota Speed13-14 High Jump19th Place1.45m/4′ 9″
Lillian McNaughtonUnattached15-16 Long Jump19th Place4.96m/16′ 3.25″
DeShawn WoodsBoys & Girls of Midlands15-16 Shot Put19th Place13.89m/45′ 7.25″
Daniella GbetanouNorth Omaha Bengals TC17-18 100M Hurdles19th Place15.00/14.91
Shalica JonesTrack Minnesota Elite17-18 200 M Dash19th Place24.90/25.12
B Nelson, K Fisher,
N MacDonagh, M Punni
Park Flyers Track & Field17-18 4x400M Relay19th Place4:23.30
J Thoe, J Brown,
N Bekele, E Calder
Park Flyers Track & Field17-18 4x400M Relay19th Place3:28.94
Alec BurnsUnattached17-18 Decathlon19th Place3938 Points
Lauren BilauPolebender’s vault Club17-18 Pole vault19th Place3.25m/10′ 8″
Matthew MuellerWings of Omaha8U 400M Dash 19th Place1:16.69
Samanvi AnbukumarWaukee Track Club8U Long Jump19th Place3.01m/9′ 10.5″
Tatum NelsonUnattached9-10 High Jump19th Place1.15m/3′ 9.25″
Ruby PajiboPark Flyers Track & Field13-14 100M Hurdles20th Place15.85/15.77
Katharine BeachlerCornhusker Flyers13-14 Discus Throw20th Place26.98m/88′ 6″
Laubenra BenMinnesota Sprint Factory15-16 100M Dash20th Place12.33/12.85
Cecily FagerZero Gravity15-16 Pole Vault20th Place2.85m/9′ 4.0″
Lillian McNaughtonUnattached15-16 Triple Jump20th Place10.42m/34′ 2.25″
Joshua ThomsenI Am Elite Track & Field17-18 400M Dash20th Place50.05
Alayna SchloederZero Gravity17-18 Pole Vault20th Place3.25m/10′ 8′
Anthony BrownNorth Omaha Bengals TC8U 400M Dash 20th Place1:17.32
Riley WilsonUnattached13-14 100M Hurdles21st Place15.44/15.31
Zakeirah JohnsonApollo Track Club13-14 400M Dash21st Place1:00.00
Katharine BeachlerCornhusker Flyers13-14 Shot Put21st Place11.18m/36′ 8.25″
Anna LervickPark Flyers Track & Field13-14 Triple Jump21st Place9.91m/32′ 6.25″
Chandler PageOlympus Track Club15-16 Triple Jump21st Place12.09m/39′ 8″
Jacob HydeUnattached17-18 100M Dash21st Place10.98/11.30
N MacDonagh, K Fisher,
M Punni, B Nelson
Park Flyers Track & Field17-18 4x100M Relay21st Place51.37
Wyatt SchmalePark Flyers Track & Field8U 100M Dash21st Place15.17/15.55
Caleb RoperApollo Track Club13-14 100M Dash22nd Place11.83/12.39
Jaelyn MillerUnattached13-14 3000M Run22nd Place11:18.17
Alahna DavisBoys & Girls of Midlands15-16 Long Jump22nd Place4.91m/16′ 1.50″
Xavier AdamsOlympus Track Club8U 100M Dash22nd Place15.10/15.69
Laila MosesEagles Wings9-10 Shot Put22nd Place5.82m/19′ 1.25″
Trey KnokeTeam NoDak Youth11-12 Javelin Throw23rd Place27.20m/89′ 3″
Shanice CoxEagles Wings15-16 200M Dash23rd Place25.67/26.34
H Moe, A Robran, S Byers, C CadyZero Gravity15-16 4x100M Relay23rd Place50.31
Nyeaee RobinsMinnesota Sprint Factory17-18 100M Dash23rd Place12.57/12.62
Marcus GreenwoodHigh Voltage8U 1500M Run23rd Place6:21.79
Malea RobinsonNorth Omaha Bengals TC9-10 100M Dash23rd Place14.05/14.85
Taylor WhittingtonBoys & Girls of Midlands11-12 100M Dash24th Place13.44/13.86
Lilly Kenninglincoln youth track11-12 1500M Run24th Place5:27.61
Javon LeutyOlympus Track Club13-14 200M Dash24th Place24.04/DNS
Keira FaxUnattached13-14 Discus Throw24th Place25.02m/82′ 1″
M Foneag, T Nissen,
M Marks, K Stopak
North Omaha Bengals TC15-16 4x400M Relay24th Place3:48.85
Nic DavisUnattached15-16 Discus Throws24th Place39.54m/129′ 8″
Kassidy LuedkeBoys & Girls of Midlands9-10 800M Run24th Place2:46.57
Lilly KenningLincoln Youth Track Club11-12 800M Run25th Place2:39.49
Nina ThomasEagles Wings11-12 Javelin Throw25th Place18.02m/59′ 1″
E Egedahl, C Ethridge,
E Howlett, J Mc Lean
Badger Track Club13-14 4x100M Relay25th Place51.21
Carter EricksonI-Run15-16 100M Dash25th Place11.38
Tyler WilsonCornhusker Flyers15-16 Shot Put25th Place13.05m/42′ 9.25″
Keenan YoungUnattached17-18 110M Hurdles25th Place14.87
Isaiah WinstonBoys & Girls of Midlands17-18 400 M Hurdles25th Place57.04
H Collins, C Dean,
A Andersen, J Christl
Team NoDak Youth17-18 4x400M Relay25th Place3:34.51
Samiya BellfieldEagles Wings8U 100M Dash25th Place16.06
Geona WhiteWings of Omaha8U 200M Dash25th Place34.59
Samiya BellfieldEagles Wings8U Long Jump25th Place2.89m/9′ 5.75″
Re’Aire WashingtonNorth Omaha Bengals TC9-10 100M Dash25th Place13.94
Jamaya KoehlmoosOlympus Track Club11-12 200M Dash26th Place27.29
Lilly KenningLincoln Youth Track11-12 3000M Run26th Place12:03.56
Daniel RomaryOlympus Track Club15-16 400M Dash26th Place51.76
Tyler WilsonCornhusker Flyers15-16 Discus Throws26th Place39.43m/129′ 4″
Andrew SchmitzCornhuskers Flyers15-16 Hammer Throw26th Place28.60m/63′ 10″
Sawyer SedilMinnesota Sprint Factory15-16 High Jump26th Place1.65m/5′ 5.0″
Lillian McNaughtonUnattached15-16 Javelin Throw26th Place24.47m/80′ 3″
Jaylen Struck-SchmitzBPxC2 Track Club17-18 100M Hurdles26th Place15.40
James JohnsonTeam NoDak Youth11-12 High Jump27th Place1.30m/4′ 3.0″
Holly McNaughtonUnattached11-12 High Jump27th Place1.20m/
Regan RekerMinnesota Speed13-14 Discus Throw27th Place24.09m/ 79′ 0″
Cassia CadyZero Gravity15-16 100M Dash27th Place12.57
Abigail FreyNorth Omaha Bengals TC15-16 400 M Hurdles27th Place1:09.45
Alyia BrownMinnesota Sprint Factory17-18 100M Dash27th Place12.62
C Erick, J Lewis,
B Johnson-Snyders, N Cvetnic
Park Flyers Track & Field17-18 4x100M Relay27th Place43.93
Calista Johnson-SnydersPark Flyers Track & Field17-18 Hammer Throw27th Place24.92m/81′ 9″
Geona WhiteWings of Omaha8U 100M Dash27th Place16.15
Isreal MosesEagles Wings13-14 200M Hurdles28th Place28.51
Chandler PageOlympus Track Club15-16 Long Jump28th Place5.74m/18′ 10″
Ellie Ruser-PertusaOlympus Track Club8U 1500M Run28th Place6:53.08
Samiya BellfieldEagles Wings8U 200M Dash28th Place34.74
Aiden JohnsonTeam NoDak Youth13-14 1500M Run29th Place4:41.17
Aidan DeckerIowa Speed13-14 3000M Run29th Place10:24.01
Jaslynn DagelUnattached13-14 400M Dash29th Place1:01.07
Angela TaylorStillwater Track Club13-14 Long Jump29th Place4.50m/14′ 9.25″
Jack HelmichZero Gravity15-16 Pole Vault29th Place3.35m/10′ 11.75″
Henry CollinsTeam NoDak Youth17-18 200M Dash29th Place22.05
Adren JacksonOlympus Track Club8U 200M Dash29th Place32.44
Gavin GleueWest Omaha Track Club8U Turbo Javelin29th Place12.06m/39′ 6″
Cohen LumbyStillwater Track Club9-10 1500M Run29th Place5:31.98
Chase McNaughtonUnattached9-10 Long Jump29th Place3.64m/11′ 11.50″
Jamaya KoehlmoosOlympus Track Club11-12 100M Dash30th Place13.57
Dahlton FisherLincoln Community TC13-14 800M Run30th Place2:20.16
Elias EgedalBadger Track Club13-14 800M Run30th Place2:20.53
Cassia CadyZero Gravity15-16 200M Dash30th Place26.01
Alvin GeorgePark Flyers Track & Field17-18 100M Dash30th Place11.17
Keenan YoungUnattached17-18 400M Dash30th Place50.54
Gabby BullardIowa Speed17-18 400M Hurdles30th Place1:11.75
Emelia ArntsonRagnarok Athletic Club8U 1500M Run30th Place7:17.51
Ellie Ruser-PertusaOlympus Track Club8U 800M Run30th Place3:24.37
Joshua ThomsenI Am Elite Track & Field17-18 110M Hurdles31st Place15.15
Ryan MeyerRagnarok Athletic Club17-18 800M Run31st Place2:01.96
Ella ArntsonRagnarok Athletic Club9-10 1500M Run31st Place6:05.91
Elias EgedalBadger Track Club13-14 400M Dash32nd Place56.87
Sawyer SedilMinnesota Sprint Factory15-16 200M Dash32nd Place23.03
Jackson ThoePark Flyers Track & Field17-18 800 M Run32nd Place2:02.61
Adren JacksonOlympus Track Club8U 100M Dash32nd Place15.62
Emma StanleyIowa Speed9-10 1500M Run32nd Place6:08.83
Jaslynn DagelUnattached13-14 200M Dash33rd Place26.52
Dori WaschkatUnattached15-16 Shot Put33rd Place8.97m/29′ 5.25″
Jadae MooreOlympus Track Club15-16 triple Jump33rd Place11.25m/36′ 11″
Sania BanksBoys & Girls of Midlands11-12 80M Hurdles34th Place16.44
Annie AchwartzIowa Speed13-14 Long Jump34th Place4.44m/14′ 6.75″
Shanice CoxEagles Wings15-16 100M Dash34th Place12.73
Kaalo EvansOlympus Track Club15-16 110M Hurdles34th Place16.68
Henry CollinsTeam NoDak Youth17-18 400M Dash34th Place50.99
Tanner KnokeTeam NoDak Youth8U Shot Put34th Place4.16m/13′ 7.75″
Jaslynn DagelUnattached13-14 100M Dash35th Place12.97
Lucas KleinLincoln Youth track13-14 Javelin Throw35th Place29.54m/96′ 11″
Riley WilsonUnattached13-14 Long Jump35th Place4.96m/16′ 3.25″
Marreion MarksNorth Omaha Bengals TC15-16 200M Dash35th Place
Vanessa KleinChahinkap Athletic Club15-16 400M Dash35th Place1:02.94
Benjamin MandelREAL Track and Field17-18 110M Hurdles35th Place15.44
Alissa PierceNorth Omaha Bengals TC8U 800M Run35th Place4:11.14
Hudson FriesenUnattached9-10 800M Run35th Place2:54.77
Isyss WrightBoys & Girls of Midlands13-14 200M Hurdles36th Place30.88
Ashton BrownMinnesota Sprint Factory15-16 200M Dash36th Place23.23
Kaalo EvansOlympus Track Club15-16 400 M Hurdles36th Place1:04.93
Emma StanleyIowa Flyers Track Club9-10 800M Run36th Place3:04.56
Alex IversonTeam NoDak Youth9-10 Turbo Javelin36th Place20.48m/67′ 2″
Keondre BryantUnattached13-14 200M Dash37th Place24.73
Niamh MacDonaghPark Flyers Track & Field17-18 Triple Jump37th Place10.12m/33′ 2.50″
Trey KnokeTeam NoDak Youth11-12 80M Hurdles38th Place20.46
Riley WilsonUnattached13-14 400M Dash38th Place57.90
Julian TongMinnesota Sprint Factory17-18 200 M Dash38th Place22.46
Ahmad BrownNorth Omaha Bengals TC9-10 100M Dash38th Place14.38
Sara ByersZero Gravity15-16 100M Dash39th Place12.80
Sawyer SedilMinnesota Sprint Factory15-16 100M Dash39th Place11.54
Jack ChristlTeam NoDak Youth17-18 200M Dash39th Place22.47
Peder HaugoTeam NoDak Youth13-14 200M Dash40th Place25.00
Nayeli WilliamsEagles Wings15-16 100M Hurdles40th Place18.00
Alyia BrownMinnesota Sprint Factory17-18 200 M Dash40th Place26.11
Marreion MarksNorth Omaha Bengals TC15-16 100M Dash41st Place11.71
Kamarah WalkerOlympus Track Club9-10 100M Dash41st Place14.94
Meshah RobinsonNorth Omaha Bengals TC11-12 200M Dash42nd Place28.37
Javon LeutyOlympus Track Club13-14 100M Hurdles42nd Place23.80
Neland GrayOlympus Track Club13-14 400M Dash42nd Place59.24
Gabby BullardIowa Speed17-18 Long Jump42nd Place4.65m/15′ 3.25″
Abigail FreyNorth Omaha Bengals TC15-16 100M Hurdles43rd Place18.73
Makuey FoneagNorth Omaha Bengals TC15-16 400M Dash43rd Place54.06
Peder HaugoTeam NoDak Youth13-14 100M Dash44th Place12.49
Ashton BrownMinnesota Sprint Factory15-16 100M Dash44th Place11.75
Henry CollinsTeam NoDak Youth17-18 100M Dash44th Place11.38
Jadae MooreOlympus Track Club15-16 200M Dash45th Place23.78
Mara GillemMinnesota Sprint Factory17-18 200 M Dash45th Place27.08
Benjamin MandelREAL Track and Field17-18 400M hurdles45th Place1:01.05
Mckenna HerrmannBPxC2 Track Club17-18 400M Dash46th Place1:02.01
Niamh MacDonaghPark Flyers Track & Field17-18 200 M Dash48th Place27.81
Meshah RobinsonNorth Omaha Bengals TC11-12 100M Dash52nd Place14.54
Laola MosesEagles Wings9-10 200M Dash52nd Place31.61
Reece GrosserodeLincoln Community TC13-14 Long JumpFoul
Sara ByersZero Gravity15-16 Triple JumpFoul
LeeAaron BerksBoys & Girls of Midlands17-18 400M DahsDQ
Sumayyah MuhammadNorth Omaha Bengals TC17-18 Long JumpFoul
Luke KoenemanUnattached17-18 Pole VaultNH
Chance Stevenson-TiplerNorth Omaha Bengals TC9-10 200M DashDQ
Alexandria HillEagles Wings9-10 Long JumpFoul

Starting Heights

The Regional Meet Starting heights will be:

Girls High Jump
9-10: 0.90m
11-12: 1.10m
13-14: 1.20m
15-16: 1.30m
17-18: 1.35m

Boys High Jump:
9-10: 0.90m
11-12: 1.10m
13-14: 1.35m
15-16: 1.50m
17-18: 1.60m

Girls Pole Vault:
13-14: 1.75m
15-16: 1.95m
17-18: 2.35m

Boys Pole Vault:
13-14: 2.15m
15-16: 2.90m
17-18: 3.50m

Please note: These are for the open events only – not combined events.

2018 USATF JO XC Nationals

8 and Under Girls 2000 Meter
72nd Zoe Sullivan Ankeny Track & Field Club Iowa 10:19.2
198th Amaya Eginoire Carlisle Youth Running Club Iowa 13:31.2

8 and Under Boys 2000 Meter
73rd Jace Sampson 402 XC and Track Nebraska 9:28.9
84th Isaac Ulrich 402 XC and Track Nebraska 9:33.5
107th Myles Backman 402 XC and Track Nebraska 9:45.9
180th Carter Buschbach Unattached Dakotas 10:44.6

9-10 Girls 3000 Meter
57th Annie Carda West Omaha Track Nebraska 13:43.7
260th Alyssa Eginoire Carlisle Youth Running Club Iowa 18:59.6

9-10 Boys 3000 Meter
65th Elijah Bickley 402 XC and Track Nebraska 12:54.4
155th Lucas Day Cornhuskers Flyers Nebraska 13:42.8
158th Jakob Trapp Unattached Minnesota 13:45.3
198th Josiah Bitker Lincoln Youth Track Nebraska 14:16.1
223rd David Crabtree III Lincoln Youth Track Nebraska 14:40.0
259th Keagan Witmarsh 402 XC and Track Nebraska 15:42.4

11-12 Girls 3000 Meter
11th Sydney Drevlow Unattached Minnesota 12:01.3
22nd Claire Vukovics Unattached Minnesota 12:19.8
113th Mackenzie Babcock Badger Track Club Wisconsin 13:08.5
132nd Madeline Vogel Unattached Dakotas 13:17.8
253rd Katherine Martin 402 XC and Track Nebraska 14:31.6
303rd Morgan Harvey West Omaha Track Nebraska 16:00.3

11-12 Boys 3000 Meter
128th Pierce Baumberger Unattached Dakotas 12:31.1
131st Porter Bickley 402 XC and Track Nebraska 12:32.2
171st Ryan Kugler West Omaha Track Nebraska 12:48.1
240th Tristan Blancarte Unattached Wisconsin 13:24.9
257th Jack Carda West Omaha Track Nebraska 13:33.4
259th Jake Davis 402 XC and Track Nebraska 13:34.0
324th Dylan Blancarte Unattached Wisconsin 15:08.2

13-14 Girls 4000 Meter
154th Katherine Aman-Lavicky Badger Track Club Wisconsin 18:05.3
213th Adelyn Prunty Unattached Dakotas 18:51.3

13-14 Boys 4000 Meter
89th Alden Keller Unattached Minnesota 15:36.5
115th Ethan Vander Meer Unattached Wisconsin 15:48.8
124th Aaron Schimke Unattached Wisconsin 15:51.6
290th Matthew Mills 402 XC and Track Nebraska 17:09.7
366th Wesley Havelka 402 XC and Track Nebraska 18:48.9
373rd Brayden Geiger West Omaha Track Nebraska 19:12.7